Katana Sofa

by Ghidini 1961

Cozy and comfortable sofa

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Collection: Seating

In the Katana sofa, Paolo Rizzatto, being the refined and expert designer he is, puts great care in the proportions of the structural elements of the product. In the elliptical leg, every millimeter has been designed and calibrated, as well as the relationship between seating and structure.
Fittings and lines, grafts and joints, everything is designed for the best harmony. The dialogue between the parties, as in architecture, is for the Milanese architect a perfect orchestration.
The sofa refers to the iconic and seductive shapes of the classic Chesterfield, reinterpreted with renewed elegance, and thanks to the gentle curvature of the leg it resolves the connection with the seat and the back. This makes it enveloping and comfortable, its height and width support a relaxed sociability.
The ability and experience of Rizzatto in designing elegant, ironic and precious objects is perfectly summarized by the Katana sofa, which dialogs happily with the other collections of GHIDINI1961, creating endless relationships.
Equilibrium and rigor are the two adjectives that best describe the sofa complete with armchair with generous measures.

Belted seat and multilayered, covered in polyurethane foam at different densities covered with quilted goose down in cotton lining. Backrest structure made of plywood covered with polyurethane rubber of different densities, all covered with a quilted goose down in cotton lining.

The sofa covers are not removable.

The sofa and armchair is based on the Katana leg. The Katana leg is made of Italian brass, die casted in-house at Ghidini1961. Polished manually, and lacquered with transparent finish to guarantee a longlasting durability.

Design Paolo Rizzatto