by Egoitaliano

Modular and configurable armchair

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Collection: Sofas

SELFY is the modular armchair finished on both sides, dedicated to those who don’t want to share their moments of relax. Available in different dimensions (S, M, L, XL), SELFY can give life to different configurations. In the relax version, the armchair is equipped with twin-engine mechanisms that provide for the independent activation of headrest and footrest. The element that makes SELFY unique is the sidewall which is also customisable with embroidery.

COVERING: leather, microfiber and not removable fabric.
FEET: in ABS 3 cm.
Notes: in the relax version, the model is equipped with a double electrical mechanism with touch sensor controls placed in the seats sides, between the seat and the lateral side. The controls can act independently of each other, by changing the headboards inclination or by allowing you to stretch your legs offering several possibilities of comfort. Anyway, fixed versions without relax mechanism are always equipped with adjustable manual headrests.