Corner leather sofa

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Collection: Design Collection

Rimmel becomes the protagonist of the living area, to create a corner gathered in a large living room or to design a special space dedicated to relaxation. Two details not to be missed are the high backrest and the padded armrest turned up on a thin frame, to make the linia even more welcoming.
Compact, welcoming, casual: designed for a contemporary and convivial environment. For long readings, for a movie night. A shelter sofa, to snuggle up a little.

"Design" proposes models defined by clean and elegant lines, designed to create welcoming spaces where comfort and technology coexist. With this collection we wanted to give an essay of what should be the project or design, understood in its original meaning. Not only exteriority, but also and above all creativity, inventiveness and improvement of life, since we all "are looking for an authentic world, that knows how to surprise and excite, because deep and mysterious, full of truth even if fragmented and dispersed, but enjoyable in their specific originality ".