by Orsitalia Sas

18th century style armchair

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Collection: Armchairs

NOBLESSE classic luxury chairs 100% made in Italy by ORSITALIA: modern classic interior designs – french baroque – luxury classic furniture brand ORSITALIA.The Louis XVI Armchair NOBLESSE has the perfect balance between regal French design and the understated Swedish style and it has been customized by Orsiitalia according to parisian glam room decor inspiration. Noblesse ivory and gold french style sofa chair has curved and wavy lines in strong carved wood to create vintage french Louis XVI style gilt ornate rococo living room furniture, the top of Italian handicraft production of Orsi Italia. Orsiitalia complete Noblesse armchairs late baroque lacquered with Italian cloth, preferably with a lush rich ornamentation on the fabric, 100% Italian production. NOBLESSE arm french furniture for luxury living room is produced by Orsiitalia also for Hospitality Indoor Projects, using to cover, the 18TH century Italian lacquered gold carved wood Noblesse armchairs, Italian fire resistant velvets, grain leathers and fire-proof faux fake leathers available in many colors to better fit to any Villas Contract Project.
Armchair W. 78 X D. 89 X H. 96 cm.
Sofa 3-places L. 200 X D. 90 X H. 96 cm.
Sofa 2-places L. 142 X D. 90 X H. 96 cm.