Frames Art. T03

by New Design Porte Srl

Dining table with double base

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Collection: Frames collection

Table with glossy black lacquered base, glass top th. 15 mm. or marble.
Dimensions cm. H 75 x 220/280 x 110/120

A rigorous yet varied game of frames in an extensive collection of unique, unrepeatable objects. The design of the Frames collection was born out of our will to re-interpret some classic shapes through a contemporary compositional system. Style meets design in a triumphant feast of frames, a solid feature that characterizes the collection itself, becoming its distinctive element. An extraordinarily skillful realization, along with the most careful attention to every detail, allowed each piece to come to light as a unique, timeless object. The Frames Collection consists of items suspended between the Italian design tradition and modernity, giving birth to absolute shapes that define a new classic: assertive objects, rich in identity, that easily fit into any space, endowing it with new character.

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