Solid wood table with iron legs

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Collection: Tables

Solid wood table with iron legs.

The unique curvature of the iron legs with corten finish supports the solid oak or suar table top. Trog has a strong personality, it is a symbol of strength and elegance, and an emblem of human life divided between motion and roots.

Man is constantly suspended between the need to feel anchored and the desire to go further, to try to achieve his dreams, to plunge his step into what really is.

As such, the legs of the Trog table represent the pied of the dreamer, which keep the soul in balance while being propped up among the clouds.

Technical Data:
l.200 x p.100 x h.75 cm
l.220 x p.100 x h.75 cm
l.240 x p.100 x h.75 cm
l.270 x p.110 x h.75 cm