Table characterized by intersections of geometries and elegance

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Collection: Fixed tables

Fixed table painted metal base as per our metal sample card colors, Availability of painting also in 2 colors. Top Ceramic, glass or wood.

Crosses of geometry and elegance characterize the Rialto table.
Its metal frame, wisely worked, represents its point of strength and, for the top... You choose between:
• The lightness of the crystal
• The refi nement of ceramics
• The warmth of wood.
The table that represents you is just this.

Available sizes
cm. 200x100x76 rectangular
cm. 220x100x76 rectangular
cm. 240×100/120×76 rectangular
cm. 270×100/120×76 rectangular
cm. 300×100/120×76 rectangular
cm. 280x110x76 Shape (only for ceramic or glass top)

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