Sound absorbing elements, modular, for office and public environments

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Collection: Acoustic panels

Fonology is continuing its research to create a new product which combines acoustic comfort and design. PRA' is a strip of large blades of grass with strong sound absorbing power, which allows excellent performance in open space environments.
The idea of young designer Sandro Scortegagna is to bring natural elements into our day-to-day environments. The product is designed to be totally modular and the different elements can be combined according to needs and desires. The base is a closed container or a bookshelf; comfy padded sofas can be placed between the blades of grass, which have a metal core covered in fabric to ensure they are flexible and bend through 360°.
The product is designed to allow you maximum freedom of choice in creating your "lawn", modulating the space and obtaining an incredible level of sound absorption.
It is perfect for offices, open spaces, schools, halls and homes and has a wide range of applications.

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