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Via Brodolini 25/27
20054 Nova Milanese (Milano)
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INFO ABOUT Caimi Brevetti Spa

Established in 1949, Caimi Brevetti S.p.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of design orientated furniture and accessories for office and contract
furniture market.The philosophy underlying the activities of Caimi Brevetti has always been based on a strong vocation for research, experimentation and innovation and derives from the wealth of technical and technological experience acquired since its foundation over fifty years ago: hundreds of patented products bear witness to the attention paid to original designs and novel projects. Caimi Brevetti’s products are easily recognisable; their design, technical and linear yet at the same time essential but refined conveys the concept of industrial design, combining form and function with a
view to mass production based on features such as modularity, versatility, flexibility and a wise choice of materials.Excellent customer service, advanced logistics, a comprehensive range, after-sales care and communication strategies are all factors which have contributed to Caimi Brevetti’s international success. Caimi Brevetti is a founding member of the ADI Foundation (Fondazione dell’Associazione per il Disegno Industriale - Association of Industrial Design).