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Collection: Geko

An original, patented decoration system formed by one six-arm component in high-tech polymer to be linked endlessly and according to several combinations. Perfect to divide spaces, create lively wings and coloured backdrops or just to enliven and personalize a room. The planning challenge of joining a partition module and its joint in one component only found a simple and functional answer in this product. The look of the hexagonal module of the beehive is the inspiring source for the Geko project. A star that can be easily assembled in several ways... The obtained effect is an endless surface, a light and coloured wall to build little by little, like an endless and enthralling game. Geko can be connected to the Darwin or Socrate structure through a steel cable supplied with special chrome-plated metal supports. By means of some simple fittings, a steel cable and chrome-plated metal supports, the ornamental system Geko can be wall and/or ceilingmounted.

design Giulio Iacchetti

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