by Aurea Srl

Classic set with console and mirror, carved with plant motifs

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Collection: Console

CONSOLLE CL0001 Console table, 18th century, carved with motifs of racemes and leaves, with central pierced medaillon;
shaped legs joined low by stylized leaves. Built-in top made of marble. Dimensions: W67 D43 H77h cm
MIRROR CR 0023 Neoclassical Genoese frame. Twisted profile; cyma pierced with central cameo surmounted by a bow. On lateral sides, leaves and bell flowers chains. In the inferior part, pierced sculpture with central flower, leaves, volutes and flowers. Face theme can be replaced by a floral theme. Dimensions: W 34 H 59 cm / W 59 H 106 cm
They can be sold separately. Finishes, sizes and accessories are totally customizable.
Finishing at your choice: water gilding with leaf in pure 23 KT gold leaf, or similgold (gilt metal), or white gold, or silver, or lacquered.
We are specialists in water gilding, in carving hand made and antic art studies.
Area reproduces old furniture, using the same old-stile techniquies used in the past and the offer in also completed by proposal and project of new, bespoke items. Aurea can make your dreams come true, also by creating unique pieces.
All our articles have a refined light design, they are so different from industrial items. Infact they are made exclusively in Italy and all carved by hands of italian artisan master carvers. We use lime wood, which has got compact fibres and no knots and is unassailable by woodworms.
Luxury classic furnishing suitable for elegant environments and places, like exclusive prestigious hotels, mansions and villas.