Frieze ART. AC 0030

by Aurea Srl

Decorative panel in plaster and papier mache, lacquered

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Collection: Accessories

Decorative panel made of paper mache, lacquered, gilded and painted, copy of original venetian ceiling.
It can be used also as an ornament for wall.
Dimensions: 50x50 cm

Finishing at your choice: water gilding in gold leaf with leaf: pure 23 KT, similgold (gilt metal), white gold, silver; or lacquered.
Aurea srl specializes in water gilding (an ancient Venetian technique), in hand made carving and study of antic art.
Aurea srl reproduces old furniture, using the same old-stile techniques used in the past and the offer in also completed by proposal and project of new, bespoke items. Aurea srl can make your dreams come true, also by creating unique pieces. Free quotations.
Luxury classic furnishing suitable for elegant environments and places, like exclusive prestigious hotels, mansions and villas.