Eco-friendly chair

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The Bio chair was created from the company’s attention to all-round well-being: that of people and the environment. Made from recycled and eco-sustainable certified polypropylene, Bio is stackable and available in the version with armrests and in a vast assortment of colours and finishes. Thanks to these characteristics, it is ideal for furnishing offices, co-working areas and educational spaces. The Bio stackable chair in recycled polypropylene has been carefully designed to offer optimal comfort to professionals and students who have to remain seated for a long time, combining the ergonomics of the backrest and the very wide seat with the sustainability of the materials used in its construction. When it comes to well-being, at IBEBI we reserve a special place for sustainability. The search for comfort that guides each of our solutions also takes into account the environment and the impact on the future of our planet. This is why we don’t just furnish, but look at sustainability as the natural evolution of the business in which we operate. Sustainability for us, is the paradigm that will revolutionise our way of being in the world. Even when seated. Bio represents an important step along the eco-friendly path undertaken on a company level. Made in compliance with the eco-sustainability standards in force, Bio is made from recycled and ReMade in Italy certified polypropylene, the first Italian non-profit association that certifies how the products are created in a Circular Economy process, starting from recycled materials with the goal of giving them a second life. Scrupulous checks, carried out by an External Body, also certify that Bio meets the conformity requirements of the GPP, the minimum environmental criteria.