p100 rio de janeiro

by Ponti Terenghi - X.AbitaRe

Doors for masonry in aluminum, for office

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Collection: Doors

Complete aluminium and glass finishing sliding doors' system. Available custom-made in wall. Ceiling or suspending version with side anchorage, especially suitable for existing false ceilings or very high ceilings. Thanks to the great possibility to adjust the bar this system is suitable for any kind of wall and ceiling. Suspended versions are realized only with maxi self-supporting bar with double rail, that allows a 30mm adjustment of door's height. Wall and ceiling versions are realized with light multiple sliding rails with cover profile or maxi bar version with 1 or 2 sliding rails. Door with 35x35mm aluminium profile, available with central cross-bar or not and provided with double handle. For different realization's solutions consult price list.

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