by IvanoAntonelloItalia

Sideboard with faceted doors with relief

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Collection: Sideboards

Sideboard, lacquered wood structure, 4 faceted doors with lacquered relief, or in worked wood, metal bases.

A game of facets to a high-class design made with craftsmanship. Like a precious stone, the “ESMERALDA” sideboard shines in any environment with the elegance of its finishes, the refined geometry of the shapes and the refi nement of details.

It perfectly reflects the innovative spirit that characterizes the new “IvanoAntonelloItalia®” production to completely satisfy your artistic ego or, more simply, your desire for unique pieces.

Available sizes

cm. 240x53x74 h 4 doors
cm. 180x53x74 h 2 doors (open section)

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