by Tremolada

Sofa with timeless charm

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Collection: Sofas

Timeless fascination for a free interpretation of the classic living room sofa, a design characterized by contrasting profiles that can become dyed on color or the color you prefer, maximum freedom of customization for the Brendon sofa, produced with traditional methods, guarantees durability over time and absolute comfort. Create your style... interpret your living room using different fabrics and materials from the metal of the tables to the wood of the accessories finished as you prefer. Soft and abundant padding to give a look of absolute comfort, further highlighted by the lines of the profiles that design the sofa. Soft armrest with a sophisticated design in contrast to feet in bronzed metal that can be finished as you prefer. Brendon changes its look depending on the dress, it can be customized with luxurious details and accessories such as the embroideries of the armrests and the shiny metal hinges that give a cosmopolitan look. Create your style...