Stellar modular sofa

by Scandāl Srl

Customizable modular sofa

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Collection: Moon

Free standing, center room composition with Stellar units, mobile back, various sizes and shapes of cushions, plain squared pouff. Stellar can have the base seat with plain upholstery or squared stitching.
Chaise longue Stellar available with the follwing sizes h cm 40x175x125/100x100 cm

The rounded shape of the moon, its light in a dark firmament, its textured surface, its ever-changing appearance depending on the season and perspective, its mystery that still fascinates today, have inspired us to create these pieces where the curved, soft, captivating, reassuring shapes are the denominator of the environments and individual pieces. A light nubuck sofa that brightens up a room with dark walls, precious natural surfaces such as wood and marble or skilfully handcrafted tops such as polished stucco, pieces that look different every time depending on the size, material and fabric colour, pieces that stand out both in modern settings and with classic architectural details. A look at the trends of the moment, but with a firm eye on the beauty and uniqueness of each piece that, like the moon, goes beyond fashion and finds its rightful place in every place or time.