Botero Sofa

by Sesta Srl

Comfort sofa for waiting areas

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Collection: Waiting / Meeting

Footstool, armchair and two-seater sofa are made using the same type of frame. The footstoolrest is made as a single element, while the armchair and sofa are formed of two elements - seat and backrest - that are joined by the upholstery. The framework is made from partly 18 mm thick fir plywood and partly solid spruce. Shaped 2.5 thick hardboard internal and external panels are stapled to the backrest and armrests. Elastic webbing is also added to the wooden framework of the sofa and armchairs to make sure the seat has strong support. All the frames rest on multiple, 10 mm high plastic levellers screwed onto the framework (height adjustable to 15 mm).
The swivel version of the armchair is differentiated from the fixed armchair by its Ø 540 mm base and an 8 mm thick steel counterweight. A metal mechanical column is screwed to the counterweight and has a self-lubricating rotation pin made from a synthetic material. A steel cone fixed to the wooden structure guarantees rotation.

Several overlapping layers of variable density and thickness Polyurethane foam recreate the roundness that characterises the graceful forms of the armchairs and the sofa. A shaped bearing layer with a density of 40 kg/m³ is positioned in the inner part, in contact with the wooden structure of seat and backrest. Conversely, the density of the exterior part, the inner of the armrests and the front of the seat is 30 kg/m³. The exterior of the seat and the rear of the backrest are made from 25 kg/m³ density Polyurethane foam.
The Polyurethane foam thicknesses are very generous both for the armchairs and for the sofa: the average thickness is 130 mm along the whole front of the seat, including the backrest, and the rest of the structure has an average thickness of 100 mm.
Against this, the less complex shape of the footstool means it can be made by combining a number of layers of kg/m³ density Polyurethane foam, with an average thickness of 40 mm.
All the fire retardant versions feature the use of self-extinguishing 40 kg/m³ density Polyurethane foam only.

After the foam padding has been attached to the structures, the armchairs and the sofa are then finished with two separate covers: one for the seat and one for the backrest, stapled all around the edge beneath the seat and in the zone of contact between seat and backrest. The footstool is finished with a single cover fixed under the seat.

Design: Act Design

Series featuring a graceful, embracing design, composed of armchair, swivel armchair, two-seater sofa and footstool. The series is very comfortable thanks to the generous dimensions and the correct lift of the seat and backrest padding. Two matching low tables with an elliptical top - one that can be rotated - complete the series.