Sound absorbing modular system for conversation areas

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A handful of pieces for multiple uses. This is the concept behind BASE, a modular system devised to create protected individual or relational spaces in open-plan offices. To perform several activities with a single, versatile and modular system.
To create places to meet up, focus, relax or participate; affording privacy when necessary, or room for interaction and sharing as needed.
A free-standing, sound absorbing and modular system, which can be put together freely to suit specific requirements. It can be used as a simple sound screen, as a seat or a meeting space, since it is versatile by vocation.
A recreated space!
Ares Line, that boasts a solid experience in comfort and ergonomics and has adopted an holistic approach to the product, presented BASE at Salone del Mobile 2017.

Frigerio Design Group for Aresline