by T Arredi

Network with wooden slats

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EXTERNAL STRUCTURE: in beech plywood section 70 25 polished on 2 sides with feet diameter 53 in sizes 22.5-27.5-32.5 and fixed to the structure by fiberglass corners
STAVES: curved and flexible beech plywood section 38x8mm and 150x 8mm for the shaped slats positioned in the first and last position
SLAT HOLDER: in cushioned sbs positioned inside the structure for a smaller footprint
RIGIDITY SLIDERS: arranged on 4 slats for the single version and on 8 slats for the double version, they allow you to stiffen the bed base for different weight loads
ENGINES: with emergency battery
VERSIONS: fixed single and double, manual and electric
MATTRESS HOLDER: shaped and zinc-chromed