Nett 65-73-82/4L

by Crassevig Srl

Barstool in metal, plastic mesh shell, Outdoor use

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Collection: Stools

Stackable stool with shell in colored nylon reinforced with glass fiber.
Suitable for outdoor use.

Available seat heights: 65-73-82 cm.

Stool in reinforced nylon with fibreglass, characterized by a peculiar network drilling the shell. Light while strong, Nett peculiarity is the extremely contemporary aesthetics: form, décor and structure blend in a playful and, at the same time, cultivated final effect. Nett is an ideal product for both contract and home use. Available in different colours, it's suitable for internal and/or external use: the peculiar network has been designed to prevent the eventual rain water to sediment.

Design Ton Haas