Alhambra Stool ST

by Gaber Srl

Barstool in metal and polymer, sled base

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Collection: Stools

Techno polymer seat and chromed or outdoor painted stackable frame.

The unique style and harmony of the geometric texture that draws its surfaces makes Alhambra a barstool with a strong personality and an unmistakable sense of beauty through form, thanks also to the development and application of an innovative patented production process. Alhambra is made of multi-colored technopolymer shells which fit different frames, creating highly personalised barstools suitable to match all manner of concepts and surroundings. The collection is enriched by the new version Alhambra ST Stool, with more generous sizes, made with a new sled frame.

Design Stefano Sandoną

H114 Hs76 L50 P55 cm