by Legnobagno srl

Double wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers

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Collection: Urban Modular

Double wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers.

Measure: L.170 P.52 / 35 cm

Finishing: Tranche Oak 'Dark - Tranche' Oak White

Top: Ocritech Washbasin Top With Integrated Tub

It is a program of elements of great practicality and geometric simplicity, characterized by the regular and orderly lines. The style is refined and deliberately essential, precisely because it is directed to the needs of more contemporary furnishing. Many details, such as the absence of the handle and the choice of material ("tranchè rovere") respond precisely to these needs. Our proposals are concentrated by stylistic choice on neutral colors, but obviously any other color of the Urban series is possible. In the price list there is a right quantity of elements that make a program complete and modular but never complex. There are many possibilities, including wooden tops and ceramic counter tops, and integrated glass and Politek tops.

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