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Modular bench for public spaces

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Ola modular bench designed by Nicola Cacco has been developed for shared or private environments in public spaces between arrival, departure, waiting and movement; the adaptability of design and configurations make Ola modular bench an upholstered armchair on beam for public areas, work and meeting spaces such as airports, university campuses, museums, railway stations, lobbies and community areas with transversal and multi-purpose connotations where people meet, pass throught or wait. Ola modular bench can be configured with 2, 3 or 4 upholstered polyurethane foam seats fixed to a metal beam; the seats are available with or without backrests and with a storage table for 90° or 45° corner configurations. Extremely versatile, Ola modular sofa and bench create 360° configurations that extend and branch out drawing linear, compound or articulated forms with a continuous yet dynamic effect dictated by rhythm and proportioned volumes. The armrests, together with the low and high backrests, guarantee different levels of privacy; they can be placed as dividing elements between seats or at the ends, making Ola a modular bench for public spaces that can be transformed into an acoustic island, an office pod, or a waiting sofa. USB type "C", SCHUKO and wireless charging points are available for all elements in the collection. Upholstery is avvailable from recycled and recyclable fire retardant fabrics, eco-leather, leather and wool in over 300 colours and shades.