Reef 4G wood

by Leyform Srl

Padded chair with wooden legs, in minimal style

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Reef: determined lines, firstly sharp shaped, then made softer. Its firm profile features an almost sculptured and monumental look. The complete range can be custom configured with extreme simplicity. The art of decoration is finally at everyoneís reach.

The 4-legged wooden base is extremely sturdy and confers the chair a unique appeal. The seat and backrest form a single body and guarantee long lasting comfort and stability. The backrest inclination is harmoniously completed by the armrests to form a single body and thus making the chair even more robust and simply perfect for all environments where comfort is a must.

Decorating with a touch of class. Reef, with its wide range of options, is a collection which suits any kind of utilization. A transversal armchair which can fit didactic, working, commercial or residential areas. Thanks to its resolute yet elegant lines allows to explore new ways for exploiting different environments.

design: Stefano Sandonŗ e Sabrina Bettini