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Compact swivel chair for smart working and office

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Collection: Task chairs

DAD is a swivel chair, simple to adjust with a slim and compact design; for those who work online remotely at home or in the office, DAD provides a high level of comfort with a minimum number of adjustments. This swivel chair is synonymous with adaptability and change; style and design represent that magical moment when ideas or thoughts are still in people's minds. DAD was designed as an armchair for co-working areas and meetings where the participants are concentrated in creating a project and exchanging ideas, leaving the task of dealing with ergonomics and comfort to the chair. Perfectly suited as a single desk swivel chair for students or in greater numbers for a wide range of work and meeting places, DAD is an excellent solution for smart and modern offices, universities and other environments where users with mobile working habits do not want to make a lot of individual adjustments every time they change their sitting position.