Around Lab LT

by Leyform Srl

2 seater high sofa with peninsula table

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Around Lab LT 2-seater sofa with peninsula table is an office pod with a modular configuration designed to increase cooperation within small teams in open-spaces, semi-open-space or private areas where meetings can take place in total privacy and silence. Around Lab LT office pod can be thought of as a functional and efficient hub designed to create acoustic and visual niches to meet the privacy needs of working groups at innovative companies and start-ups; it consists of 2 high-backed 1-seater armchairs placed opposite each other and separated by a peninsula table, all joined together by a side wall to built a "cocoon" - also called a pod - with the aim of creating an acoustic island or "concentration" area consisting of 2 workstations to host informal meetings within break-out spaces.

Functionality and efficiency for Around Lab LT office pod is enhanced by electrification to connect a battery charger to a SCHUCO / USB 3.1 or Type "C" socket or to provide for a fixed or flexible LCD / LED / TFT monitor arm with VESA mount and HDMI socket.