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Ares Line Spa
INFO ABOUT Ares Line Spa

ARES LINE, founded in 1987, specializes in the manufacture of chairs for offices and public spaces. Quality, innovation and service have made this Vicenza-based company a leader on the international market. Ares Line's armchairs are recognized as a prime example of "Italian Style". Ares Line has realised many prestigious settings, in Italy and abroad: the new headquarter of Regione Lombardia, the Conference Room of the Ministry of Health in Rome and the Einaudi Campus in Turin, the new Parliament of the Georgian Republic in Kutaisi, the Musiktheater of Linz, the Laboratories of C.E.R.N. in Geneva, the City Hall of Brantford in Canada. In recent years, the company has further strengthened its position by adopting an important strategy involving distribution and product differentiation. The key element of this strategy is the internationalization of the distribution chain, with the creation of divisions in strategic geographic areas, like as the Showrooms of Milan, Paris, Toronto and Săo Paulo. In 2011 Ares Line created a corporate network called "CONTRACT DESIGN NETWORK", with the aim of providing a "turnkey solution" to increase the possibilities for market penetration in foreign markets. Ares Line has recently created a new division called "FONOLOGY", which deals with architectural acoustics, offering the market comprehensive advice and innovative solutions called "multimaterials". The internationalization of the brand and a broad range of products make Ares Line a leading company in both the office and public spaces seating sectors.