LEAP 2020 MA03

by Talin Srl

Automatic dispenser anticovid and hand sanitization

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Collection: Complements decor

Is our top range free standing tower with NO TOUCH GEL dispenser. The tower is available in 610 black, 613 silver, 617 sand, 618 dark metallic grey, 619 bronze, 620 white and the dispenser is white/black. The dispenser is powered by 8 inside AA batteries and the changing of them will be necessary only after a long time working. The dispenser is equipped with an internal tank of 1000 ml with front windows for level inspection. Gel dispenser guarantees up to 1250 dispensing. The kit can provided with our 70% added alcohol gel compound of aloe vera for soft hands. Customer can provide our refill Gel or he can provide himself the gel once necessary. There is a front window for verifying low q.ty tank.

Dispenser can be mounted as wall fixing too. Because of the Covid emergency, all around the world will be necessary to put this stand into every office, company, public area, restaurant, bar, cinema, school, hospitals... Leap 2020 MA03 can be placed where you want and the weight is just 15 kg. Leap 2020 can also be fixed to the floor using the kit available as an optional.