Chairs with arms and carved front legs

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Armchair in cherry with upholstered backrest.

Collection Ca 'Dolfin
The Ca 'Dolfin collection chairs and armchairs are in cherry wood with the front leg that is reminiscent of the same collection table. The fabrics are made in Italy and high quality.

The collection Ca 'Dolfin exalts the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Made of cherry with the presence of inlays which enrich each item of furniture with a keen eye for practicality of everyday life.

The wood chosen for this collection is European cherry.
Every detail is taken care of and executed according to tradition, as the inlay where you used veneer of precious woods, elm and maple, delicately handcrafted with fire shades, a process that creates beautiful color effects.

The collection Ca 'dolfin is rich in details that enrich the furniture. The handles are cast brass and polishing follows a strict artisan process, using water colors and sludge with natural lands protected by opaque paints.

cm. 54x59x88h


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