Classic display cabinet in walnut, focused shades, inlaid

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Collection: Display Cabinets

Display cabinet with 1 central door.

Giusti collection
The Villa Giusti windows are made of walnut, maple with decorations, all it enhanced by the importance of the finishing process.

Aesthetics, style and a thorough search of inlaid decorations and fine veneers give life to this collection. Walnut veneer, with decorations in maple, all enhanced by the importance of the finishing process.

The wood chosen for this collection is walnut.
Every detail is taken care of and executed according to tradition, as the inlay where you used veneer of fine wood, maple, delicately hand-crafted with fire shades.

Giusti The collection is full of details that enrich the furniture. The handles are cast brass and polishing follows a strict artisan process, using water colors and sludge with natural lands protected by opaque paints.

163x50x215h cm

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