Inflatable Double Mattress Intex 64926 With USB 152x203x46cm

by ProduceShop

Double inflatable mattress

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Double inflatable mattress with integrated pump and USB port elevated premiere II, perfect for enjoying a comfortable rest both at home and in the open air

The Intex 64926 double inflatable mattress is made entirely of Fiber Tech, an innovative material that ensures stability and comfort thanks to the presence of thousands of high quality fibers that make up the structure and make it robust and ergonomic.
The structure of the inflatable mattress is designed and built with a double layer of laminated PVC that forms its side structure reaching an ideal height of 46cm, moreover inside it have been realized hundreds of air pockets distributed to ensure the final customer the best possible use experience.

The height of the mattress, equal to 46 centimeters, was designed after years of study and identified as the best height for both movements, both to get up and to lie down, thus allowing the use even for older people or with problems back.
The Intex 64926 double mattress includes a powerful inflation pump (4 minutes for full inflation) and a USB port for charging phones, smartphones and tablets, and there is also a storage compartment for everything at your fingertips.

Technical characteristics inflatable double mattress Intex 64926:

Measure: 152x203x46cm
Structure made of Fiber Tech Fiber Tech: + solid, + light, + comfortable
Structure Composed of thousands of fibers for a homogeneous weight distribution
Built-in electric inflator (220 V): rapid inflation and deflation (+/- 4 min)
Extra layer even softer
Air pockets on the top for optimal air circulation
Digital control panel for inflation and deflation
USB port: for charging phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices