Pocket Memo 7 zone

by Milano Bedding

Hypoallergenic mattress, with memory effect

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Collection: Mattresses

Pocket Memo 7 zones is made with independent pocket springs, each contained in a bag of non-allergenic material, allowing for differentiated compression according to the weight of the body. The padding is made of viscoelastic foam on both sides with a “memory effect”, which conforms to the shape of the body without any compression, facilitating blood circulation; the “box-system” stiffen the mattress at the sides for more comfort when you sit on the edge or when you get up from bed.

1 7 zones pocket springs Ų 1,80/2,00 mm
2 soft white 250g felt
3 3,5 cm thick Memory foam slab
4 sides in polyurethane foam
5 jersey 70% CO - 30% PL
6 anti-allergenic 100% PL fiber
7 40% TENCEL – 35% PA – 25% PL stretch fabric