Micro pocket 7 zone

by Milano Bedding

Antibacterial mattress with removable cover

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Collection: Mattresses

It’s made with micro independent pocket springs, each contained in a bag of hypoallergenic material, allowing different compression according to the weight of the body. The padding is made, on one side, of viscoelastic foam with “memory” effect, which conforms to the shape of the body without any compression, facilitating good blood circulation, on the other side micro perforated 100% Latex. The “box system” stiffens the mattress at the sides for added comfort and support, when sitting on the edge of the mattress or when you get up out of bed. The removable cover is made with "Silver Tech” material, built using silver fibers in the yarn mixture, which have excellent antibacterial properties. The ability of conduction of the silver alsoallows a good anti-stress and anti-static effect. The “Silver Tech” fabric is quilted on the winter side with Pure New Wool, while the summer side is padded with 100% Cotton. The 3D fabric side band with double zipper helps the air circulation inside the mattress.

1 7 pressure zones of pocket micro-springs Ø 1,30/1,40 mm
2 one surface 4 cm 100% latex
3 one surface 4 cm memory foam
4 side walls in polyurethane foam
5 jersey 70% CO - 30% PL
6 anti-allergenic 100% PL fiber
7 40% TENCEL – 35% PA – 25% PL stretch fabric