Memory air removable

by Milano Bedding

Ergonomic and breathable mattress

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Collection: Mattresses

Suitable for those who want an ergonomic but at the same time breathable mattress. The unique viscoelastic foam with a “memory effect”, placed over a sheet of support in high-density polyurethane foam, conforms to the shape of the body without any compression, facilitating the blood circulation. The technological three-dimensions net, placed over the memory foam, insulates the body from the rest of the material, thus ensuring a perfect air circulation. The 3D net is ecological, insect repellent, anti-mould and anti-allergenic, so it can be regarded as bedsores. Even the cover fabric, removable and washable, contains the same 3D net of 3 mm, thus raising the standard of hygiene.

1 8 cm Visco-elastic + 10 cm polyurethane foam core
2 2 cm insect repellent, non-allergenic anti-fungal 3d honeycomb mesh
3 jersey 70% CO - 30% PL
4 3D fabric 45% VI – 55% PL