Plane 3D 08

by Alpa Srl

Bathroom furniture with hanging cabinets and mirror

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Collection: Plane 3D

Composition for bathroom with hanging furniture and mirror.

Program characterized by the texturing of the facades that reproduces the movement of the sea with a threedimensional effect.
The regular waves generated by the Black Sea have certainly inspired the designer of this program. The new technologies have allowed the reproduction of the movement of the sea on the surface of the fronts of this series. By working the surfaces we obtained a three-dimensional effect (hence the 3D name) that simulates the fascinating movement of the water. The attention to detail and the wealth of the equipment, a standard fractional internal drawer, and the quality of the components, place the product at the highest technical levels of the bathroom furniture market. The program proposes a simple and rational modularity that nevertheless allows to satisfy varied use needs.
Production cycle, is matt lacquered in the colors of our folder synthesis 2.