Day Systems 01

by Elli F.lli di Luigi Sas

Furniture system for stays, modular, essential

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Furniture system stays in essential style.

Elli proposes systems for the living room with a wide range of containers materials and modularity which makes them suitable to all situations and tastes: Wing doors, sliding doors, cabinets, 10 heights, 3 depths, bridges, corners, cuts… The wide choice of book-cases, shelves, basis and containers, goes from simple and linear forms, to models of particular aesthetics with choice of materials and coverings for components, finished in plain or open pore lacquering. Elli starts in advantage as also contains the best basis components. Real quality must be even where we can’t see it. To be, not to seem to be. Beyond a life style. Beyond best traditions and know-how. What do the famous Stradivari violins teach us?

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