Wardrobe Itaca 05

by Elli F.lli di Luigi Sas

Wardrobe in a simple style, with long handle

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Wardrobe in stylized design, with long elegant handle. Suitable for offices and shops.

Itaca is a wardrobe system with a wide modularity which makes it suitable to all situations: wing doors at all length or divided, bridges, corners, dressing cabinets, terminals 10 heights, 3 depths, cuts, opening 165° leaf …
Linear and geometric shape conceal high design and functions, natural materials and finishes. The doors Itaca show a simple and linear look with many kinds of handles, perfect to each situation: warm, ergonomic and strong, wooden or metal, outstanding or built-in, for living rooms, bedrooms, children rooms …
The outside layer of doors is available in wood finish, plain matt lacquered, open pore matt lacquered, and glossy colours. The elegance of glossy lacquer gives a high design, refined and modern identity.
All setups and movements are really soft and calibrated. The true secret of wardrobes and great boxes is indeed invisible: the strength of the structures is assured by “tamburato” technology “Ta pro lite 50”.

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