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Elegant relaxation armchair

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Collection: Armchairs

NORA is the relax armchair with customizable swivel base, ally of all your moments of relaxation. Equipped with two electric motors that act independently on the seat and backrest, NORA is the daily pampering you cannot give up.

COVER: leather, fabric or microfiber.
BASE: swivel, height at the base of the sofa: 14cm.
Notes: the structure of the armchair consists of a double steel frame called "frame in frame" with Greek springs on the seat, equipped with two electric motors that act independently of each other and activate the movement of the backrest and seat.
The controls are located on the internal side of the armrest and include the seat / backrest opening / closing keys, as well as the "Reset" key which returns the chair to its initial position. The buttons light up during operation.

The mechanisms operate thanks to long-lasting rechargeable lithium batteries that allow them to be used even away from a power outlet.

The upper part of the backrest can be manually tilted forward by means of a spring-loaded ratchet integrated into the back frame, which makes reading or watching TV more comfortable.