Living room furniture, with foldaway bed

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Collection: Transformable Surf

Surf allows you to furnish small houses or customize a multifunctional room. Smart solutions solve every space problem and adapt to every situation: day and night, living room, desk, dining room.

- A specific goal: to seek high quality and durability over time: anti-consumerism is true ecology.
- Beds and accessories of high general quality thanks to the careful choice of technologies and materials.
- Glued furniture, tops and panels made of eco-particle panels from crops.
- Frame doors and extendable mechanics of the tables made with aluminum components.
- Components and accessories with a high presence of carefully selected solid wood parts.
- Finishes with tops in real wood veneer and edge parts in quality polymers.
- Special parts made with various specific and different materials: chains and K bases in fir; curved in multilayer; Luna bases in mdf; solid parts in ash, beech, aniegrè, etc ...
- Padded components, fabrics and eco-leathers from careful selections and primary suppliers.
- Metal bed base components, curved beech slats, mechanisms, high quality joints.
- Sliding, hinges, drawers and convertible with top quality cushioned mechanisms.
- Parts with fir from the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme (certified).
- Special protective finishes uniform the different tones and natural colors of the wood.
- Components finished and preserved for a long time thanks to the use of modern technologies and high quality finishes (acrylic UV-PE-PU ...).

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