Walnut chair with upholstered seat and backrest carved

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Upholstered chair in walnut.

Collection Pisani
The Pisani chairs are walnut, characterized by the front legs equal to those of the table. The backrest is enriched by hand made carvings.

The art through its multiple expressions is the instrument through which the historical memory of the past has come down to us with its load of experience and collection bellezzaLa Villa Pisani rich in art and tradition repeats the style 700 with careful carvings, decorations, inlays and on request with gold / silver leaf.

Inlay and carving
The carving work is carried out with the pantograph and carved exclusively by hand, using molds. Every detail is well taken care of and executed according to tradition. For the inlay using veneers of fine woods delicately hand-crafted with focus shades; comatici process that creates striking effects.

The Pisani collection exalts the balance between aesthetics and functionality, is made of walnut.
The decorated parts are made by artisans artists who are inspired by the Venetian furniture of the mid-eighteenth century.

cm. 50x54x102h

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