Empire style console table with wooden or marble top

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Collection: Console Tables

Empire style walnut console table, also available with marble top.

Maser Collection

Our consoles are enriched with carvings and details in gold / silver leaf.
The plan can be in wood or marble.
The proposed marbles are: white Carrara, Asiago pink, Atlantis yellow, Valencia yellow, Guatemala green and Marquinia black.

Sinuous lines that can harmonize in the environment that surrounds them. Furniture of high quality, taken care of by the skilled hands of master craftsmen who give new light to the space. The precision and attention to detail does not go unnoticed in a Moletta piece of furniture that must be understood and touched and can not therefore be seen. Tables and chairs, chest of drawers, bookcases and display cabinets, but also matching beds and wardrobes, custom kitchens, interior furnishings with coffered walls and ceilings, are just a few proposals from the large production.

Inlay and intaglio
The carving is done with a pantograph and carved by hand only, without the use of molds. Every detail is thus taken care of and executed according to tradition. For the inlay, veneers of precious woods are used, delicately worked by hand with overtones; process that creates suggestive chromatic effects.

The unique and inimitable polishing, which consists of 12 steps that follow a rigid artisan process, uses water-based paints and sludge with natural earth protected by covering paints, all finished with a hand of beeswax to give the final shine. The handles are in cast brass or cast on the ground.

130x38x82 h cm

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