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Modern extendable design table

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SATURNO is a modern extendable design table suitable for the most diverse furnishing solutions thanks to its clear lines and three different dimensions: SATURNO 110, SATURNO 130 and SATURNO 160.It can in fact cover the function of a small kitchen table or wide living room table once extended to its maximum extension.

Design and resistance. SATURNO has a clean and homogeneous design, with simple lines that make it easily combinable not only to a modern kitchen or living room, but also to a more classic environment. Its solidity and wear make SATURNO the perfect work surface.

Three sizes available. From the small SATURNO 110 to the big SATURNO 160, passing through the SATURNO 130, on all size alternatives tempered glass and porcelain stoneware tops are available. On the two biggest sizes, 130 and 160, laminate wood effect tops are also available. For all sizes, it is also possible to only buy the single structure, making then the top ľ and eventually the extensions- in the finish you want, perhaps in order to match it perfectly with your kitchen top.

From the smaller version (the 110) to the larger (the 160) SATURNO is always a table of great quality thanks to the materials and the many splendid finishes and options to choose from: from the structure available in White, Silver, Graphite or Rope (and also Vintage Brown for the 110), to the finishes for top and extensions ranging from the fresh tones of Cement, Graphite, Carrara and Arabesque to the warm colors of Rope, Bamboo and Emperador.

L 110 / 140 / 170 P 80 H 75 cm

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