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Extendable table for kitchen and living room

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Collection: Modern - Tables

DEIMOS is one of the most versatile products of the entire Target Point catalogue: it is not only a high-quality design modern table, but thanks to its practical extensions it can be the perfect table both for a living room and a kitchen, both for an office or as a cool buffet table. Thanks to its three size variants (110, 130, 160) DEIMOS can find a place not only in different areas of the home but also in different furnishing solutions.

Three variants, many possibilities. From the 110 cm long length of the small DEIMOS, passing through the DEIMOS 130 and up to the 240 cm (10 seats) of the DEIMOS 160 once extended, the possibilities of this exceptional table are almost endless. This is also thanks to the many customizations to choose from: we may prefer a clean, modern look with an Extra White tempered glass top, or a wood-effect laminate top with a Silver structure (suitable for an office or a living room with large spaces) , or even choose a more rustic option like the Emperador marble-effect stoneware top with Rope legs and rails.

L 110 / 140 / 170 P 80 H 75 cm

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