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Sideboard with two sliding doors

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ODUS NEW vintage sideboard has no hinged doors, and comes instead with two sliding doors both made of laminate, one of which featuring a precious stoneware insert and a diagonal-cut geometric element with a 45░ edge that serves as a handle. It is also available in the total-laminate version. Among all the sideboards in the Target Point VINTAGE COLLECTION, MODUS NEW is certainly one of the most comfortable and capacious: with its 192 centimeters in length, only the VERSUS 210 sideboard can do better.

But the real reason which makes it the most comfortable is the division of space into two compartments with two sliding doors: just a quick movement to have access to a more than considerable space, where to store objects of all sizes and shapes. Furthermore, as always with Target Point products, MODUS NEW also has different finishes available: body and doors can be in Beaver, Desert, Country, Country White or Pearl laminate, while the stoneware inserts can be chosen in Carrara, Amani, Arabesque or Emperador marble effect. Recommended combination with other Target Point products: PRIAMO table with barrel-shaped top or ASTERION table, DIGIONE or MAIORCA chairs.

L 192 P 54 H 81 | 20 cm

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