by Ares Line Spa

Sofa with clean design, finishes of the highest level

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A harmonious shape and sheer comfort are the two fundamental features of the Naxos range of sofas, armchairs and poufs. Top-level finishes and natural proportions enhance these products, bringing the sensations of home living to the waiting room and the office.

Sofa suitable for office and home. Naxos is renewed and completed but maintains the purity of design that has always characterized this programme of wait seatings. Classical harmony of the forms and absolute comfort are the two basic elements that characterize the armchair, the 2- or 3-seat sofas and the poufs. The new leg with circular section makes the general line more topical and softer. The very high level finishings and the natural proportions exalt the armchair bringing also to the office the positive sensations of home living.

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