Table tops

by Sipa Srl

Wooden table tops

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Collection: Table tops

Wood table tops born of extensive experience in the industry, readily available to meet the most widely differing needs of the furniture market. Made in standard sizes or also to measure, starting from the roundwood selected - oak, beech and ash. These table tops in solid wood are intended exclusively for interiors use. The protective coating applied on the surface protects the wood from contact with liquid substances but not against containers with boiling liquids placed on them, or slight marks caused by daily use of the table.

diam. 45 cm
diam. 60 cm
diam. 70 cm
diam. 80 cm

80x120 cm
80x150 cm
90x150 cm
90x180 cm

45x45 cm
60x60 cm
70x70 cm
80x80 cm