Melamine 50 mm

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Versatile and resistant melamine table tops

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Collection: Contract tops

The chipboard-core tabletops feature a 50 mm ABS straight edge, seamlessly matching the chosen color, with sharp 90° corners. The surface is clad in melamine-faced chipboard, providing a versatile and durable solution.

Available in the following colors:

- White Larix
- Whitened Oak
- European Oak
- Smoked Oak
- Grey Oak
- Dark Walnut
- Industrial
- Concrete

Available in the following sizes:

- 60 x 60 cm
- 70 x 70 cm
- 80 x 80 cm
- 90 x 90 cm
- 120 x 80 cm
- 140 x 80 cm
- 160 x 80 cm
- 180 x 80 cm
- Ų 60 cm
- Ų 70 cm
- Ų 80 cm
- Ų 90 cm
- Ų 100 cm
- Ų 120 cm
- Ų 130 cm
- Ų 140 cm
- Ų 160 cm
- Ų 180 cm

This range offers a wide selection of colors and sizes to cater to various design needs, ensuring both durability and style.

Our plans with particleboard core are a genuine expression of beauty and functionality. The 50mm ABS square-edge, perfectly matching the surface, showcases 90° angles, adding a touch of precision and modernity.

The melamine coating transforms these surfaces into a versatile and durable work of art. Color options, from the elegant White Larix to the captivating Industrial or the refined European Oak, form a symphony of styles adaptable to any setting.

The sizes, ranging from the intimate perfection of Ų 60 cm to the grandeur of Ų 180 cm, offer the freedom to create unique and welcoming spaces. This range is more than just furniture; it embodies thoughtful design, ensuring longevity and timeless style.

Give your creativity the support it deserves with our surfaces, where quality embraces aesthetics in an exciting blend of shapes and colors.

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