Solid teak wood table top

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Collection: Contract tops

Exclusive solid TEAK tabletops with a 25mm Vertical Edge offer a surface with impeccable design. Choose between Natural Smooth Finish or Oiled Treatment.

Available in the following finishes:

- Natural Smooth Finish
- Oiled Treatment

Available in the following sizes:

60 x 60 cm
70 x 70 cm
80 x 80 cm
120 x 80 cm
Ø 65 cm
Ø 80 cm

These tabletops are designed to provide a robust and resilient surface, suitable for a wide range of applications. Various sizes and finishes ensure maximum flexibility to adapt to specific design needs. Ideal for modern and functional environments, these tabletops seamlessly blend aesthetics with high-level technical performance.

Wrapped in the exclusive warmth of solid TEAK, this surface provides a timeless sensory experience. With its 25mm vertical edge, it offers an impeccably elegant surface ready to narrate the compelling story of wood.

Choose between two extraordinary finishes:

Natural Smooth Finish: Featuring a smoothly polished surface that enhances the authentic beauty of TEAK, bringing its original essence to the forefront.

Oiled Treatment: With a finish that not only protects but also accentuates the unique characteristics of TEAK, creating an irresistible palette of colors and shades.

These surfaces are designed to offer more than just a simple tabletop: they invite exploration of strength and resilience, suitable for a wide range of applications. Their flexibility in dimensions and finishes makes them ideal for adapting to your design needs. Perfect for modern and functional environments, these surfaces expertly blend aesthetic mastery with top-notch technical performance, transforming every encounter into an emotion to be lived.

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