Stratificato Fenix®

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Table tops in HPL Fenix® Stratified Laminate

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Collection: Contract tops

Exclusive HPL Fenix® Laminate Countertops, with a 10mm Beveled or Vertical Edge, present an impeccably designed surface. Characterized by a sophisticated Black Core Edge and a Matte Black finish, these countertops seamlessly merge aesthetics and functionality in a timeless union of elegance.

The Anti-Fingerprint Surface ensures a consistently flawless presentation, preserving the countertop's beauty over time.

Available in the following sizes:

- 59 x 59 - Ų 59 cm
- 69 x 69 - Ų 69 cm
- 79 x 79 - Ų 79 cm
- 89 x 89 - Ų 89 cm
- 99 x 99 - Ų 99 cm
- 119 x 119 - Ų 119 cm
- 129 x 129 - Ų 129 cm
- 159 x 159 - Ų 159 cm
- 119 x 79 cm
- 139 x 79 cm
- 159 x 79 cm

These countertops are designed to provide a robust and resilient surface suitable for a wide range of applications. The various dimensions offer maximum flexibility to meet specific design needs. Ideal for modern and functional environments, these countertops combine aesthetics with high-level technical performance.

Indulge in excellence with our exclusive HPL Fenix® Laminate Countertops. Their impeccable design, enriched with a sophisticated Black Core and a refined Matte Black finish, is the epitome of timeless elegance.

Each countertop is more than a surface; it's a functional work of art that masterfully combines aesthetics and functionality. The Anti-Fingerprint Surface ensures an always impeccable presentation, preserving the beauty of the countertop over time.

Choose from a range of captivating sizes, from the intimacy of 59 x 59 cm to the majestic dimensions of 159 x 159 cm, including circular options for a distinctive touch. These countertops are designed to flexibly adapt to the specific needs of every project.

These are not just countertops; they are an invitation to explore elegance in every detail. Sturdy and resistant, they are crafted to tackle everyday challenges with style. Whether you're designing a modern and functional space or seeking an addition of class, these countertops embody the perfect harmony between beauty and performance. Renew your environment with the exciting symphony of form, function, and timeless elegance.

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